Curatorial Project:

Securing Space for Imagination - A Permanent Collection


Curated for ArtConnects NY, installed at the
Neighborhood Coalition for Shelter, New York, NY


Curatorial Statement: Securing Space for Imagination

Securing Space for Imagination is an exhibition of selected paintings and works on paper by New York based artists.

The concept and title for this exhibitionare inspired by The Neighborhood Coalition for Shelter’s (NCS) vision: to end homelessness by providing men and women with housing and support that transforms their lives.

This is a mission of utmost importance that everyone can relate to: it addresses the fundamental human need for a secure personal space that serves as home and shelter and also as a place to express ourselves. Our home provides insight into our tastes and beliefs. It is part of our identity and individuality. NCS provides those, who due to life’s circumstances have lost their homes, with an actual space where these aspects of personal space can be re-established. At the facility on East 81st Street, each room is personalized by its inhabitant. It is individualized by his or her sheer presence, but also my means of personal belongings and decoration. Visual artists relate to this idea of individualization. In their work they establish transcendental spaces where their imagination defines the characteristics of the space.

In the context of Securing Space for Imagination, each artwork manifests as an individualized “space.” In abstraction and representation alike, the artists struggle to create a space all their own. Here the parameters of the paper or canvas, restricted by the physical edges, signify the “room” that needs to be filled with the artist’s unique vocabulary. Each composition is a projection of the artist’s individual stories, experiences, observations and aesthetics onto a two-dimensional plane. The variety of the works in this installation pays homage to individuality and the multifaceted possibilities that all of us have to express ourselves.

The homes NCS provides are filled with individuals of different sex, ages, ethnic and social backgrounds. Through this program, they are enabled to imagine a future. Securing Space for Imagination establishes a visual analogy: it is when we are in a secure environment which we can call our own that we excel and can imagine anything.