Arts Guide: October through November 2009



Canada: “Michael Williams: Uncle Big.” This exhibition features ornate abstract paintings. Through Nov. 15 (55 Chrystie St., above Canal St.). Call 212-925-4631 or visit

DCKT: “Ted O'Sullivan: Reclamation of the Modern Tongue.” This exhibition of paintings fuses figurative and architectural elements. Through Nov. 15 (195 Bowery, at Spring St.). Call 212-741-9955 or visit

Eleven Rivington: “Caetano de Almeida.” The paintings by this Brazilian artist reveal his interest in the history of Latin American geometric conceptualism. Through Nov. 15, (11 Rivington St., btw. Bowery and Chrystie St.). Call 212-982-1930 or visit

Harris Lieberman: “Bern Ribbeck.” This German artist creates small geometric paintings and works on paper. Through Nov. 14 (89 Vandam St., btw. Greenwich and Hudson St.). Call 212-206-1290 or visit

Heist Gallery: “Stephen Floyd: I Love America and America Loves Me.” This exhibition features political and sexually charged drawings. Nov. 4 - Dec. 18 (27 Essex, at Hester St.). Call 212-253-0451. Visit or

Invisible-Exports: “Stephen Irwin: Sometimes When We Touch.” The artist alters vintage pornography magazines to create images rich in erotic mysticism. Oct. 23 – Nov. 29 (14A Orchard St., btw. Hester and Canal St.). Call 212-226-5447 or visit

Lisa Cooley: “Erin Shireff: Landscapes, Heds, Drapery, and Devils.” This exhibition of photographs, video and sculptures alludes to otherworldly, ephemeral phenomena. Oct. 25 – Dec. 20 (34 Orchard St., at Hester St.). Call 212-680-0564 or visit

LMAK projects LES: “Harold Ancart: Within Limits.” This exhibition features two sculptures and a drawing that explore the limitations of space.  Through Nov. 29 (139 Eldridge St., at Delancey St.). Call 212-255-9707 or visit

Ludlow 38: “Friedl Kubelka, Gerard Byrne, Ricardo Basbaum.” Three artists explore portraiture as a means of capturing a moment in time. Oct. 30 – Dec. 13 (38 Ludlow St., btw. Hester and Grand St.). Call 212-228-6848 or visit

Museum 52: “Julia Goldman: Girls.” This exhibition features abstracted portraits. Through Nov. 14 (4 E 2nd St., at Bowery). Call 347-789-7072 or visit

On Stellar Rays: “Tommy Hartung.” This exhibition features the video, The Ascent of Man (2009), which the artist adapted from the 1973 BBC documentary of the same name. Nov. 1 – Dec. 23 (133 Orchard St., below Rivington St.). Call 212-598-3012 or visit

Gallery Satori: “Ethan Greenbaum & David Scanavino.” A two-person show that incorporates cement sculptures. Oct. 23 – Nov. 29 (164 Stanton St., btw. Clinton and Suffolk St.). Call 646-896-1075 or visit

Sunday L.E.S.: “Bryan Zanisnik: Dry Bones Can Harm No Man.”  A selection of photographs that depict constructed tableaus. Through Nov. 15 (237 Eldridge St., below Houston St.). Call 212-253-0700. Visit or

The Drawing Center: “Ree Morton: At the Still Point of the Turning World.” This exhibition features drawings from the 60s and 70s that involve personal narrative and humor. Through Dec. 18 (35 Wooster St., below Broome St.). Call 212-219-2166 or visit

Thierry Goldberg Projects: “Barbara Ess: You Are Not I.” This exhibition features photographs and videos, which address the human longing to connect to the world. Through Nov. 15 (5 Rivington St., btw. Bowery and Chrystie St.). Call 212-967-2260 or visit

Woodward Gallery: “Cristina Vergano: Just for You.” This exhibition of paintings addresses feminist concerns, old master works and Pop-Art aesthetics. Nov. 7 – Jan. 9, 2010 (133 Eldridge St. below Delancey St.). Call 212-966-3411. Visit or


Downtown/Below Canal Street

Apexart: “Avant-Guide to NYC: Discovering Absence.” This group exhibition aims to map the cultural history of twentieth century New York. Nov. 4 – Dec. 19 (291 Church St., below Walker St.). Call 212-431-5270 or visit:

Art in General: “Erratic Anthropologies.” This exhibition includes projects by Guy Benfield, Shana Moulton, and Rancourt/Yatsuk. Oct. 29 – Jan. 9, 2010 (79 Walker St., btw. Bowery and Lafayette St.) Call 212-219-0473 or visit

Cheryl Hazan Gallery: “Substance and Form.” This exhibition features the Argentinean sculptor Carolina Sardi, the American artist John Ensor Parker and the Australian artist Jacqueline Belcher. Through Nov. 10 (35 North Moore St., btw. Hudson and Varick St.). Call 212-343-8964 or visit 

City Hall Park (Organized by Public Art Fund): “Peter Coffin: Untitled.“ The installation features monumental silhouettes of iconic sculptures. Through May 2010 (Broadway and Park Row). Call 212-980-4575 or visit

KS Art / Kerry Schuss: “R.M. Fischer.” This artist blurs the lines between art, architecture, fashion and technology. Oct. 29 – Dec. 29 (73 Leonard St., btw. Church St. and Broadway). Call 212-219-9918 or visit

More North:  “New Paintings by Hjörtur Hjartarson.” Nontraditional abstract landscape paintings evoke the rich and varied scenery of these artists' native Iceland. Through Dec. 6 (39 North Moore St., btw. Hudson and Varick St.) Call 212-334-5541 or visit

Salomon Arts Gallery: “Leonard Rosenfeld: Wire and Can Pieces 1981-1991.” These works fuse elements of painting, sculpture, tribal and outsider art. Through Nov. 14 (83 Leonard St., btw. Church St. and Broadway). Call 212-966-1997. Visit or

Salon 94 Freemans: “Barry X Ball: Masterpieces.” The artist creates sculptures that investigate the bizarre. Oct. 29 – Dec. 12 (1 Freeman Alley, at Rivington St.). Call 212-529-7400 or visit

Sasha Wolf Gallery: “Norman Mooney: Carbon Drawings.” This artist works with carbon directly on the wall, paper and panels, using a lit torch. Through No. 7 (10 Leonard St., btw. Hudson and W Broadway). Call 212-925-0025 or visit

The Skyscraper Museum: “China Prophecy: Shanghai.” This multi-media exhibition examines Shanghai's evolving identity as a skyscraper metropolis. Through Mar. 2010 (39 Battery Pl.). Call 212-945-6324 or visit


(All Galleries are West of 9th Avenue unless otherwise indicated)

Ana Cristea Gallery: “Zsolt Bodoni: The Foundries of Ideology.“ The young Hungarian painter examines the violent struggles of his country’s past. Through Nov. 21 (521 W 26th St.). Call 212-904-1100 or visit

Andrea Rosen Gallery: “Matthew Ritchie: Line Shot.” This exhibition features abstract paintings, an animated feature film, drawings, and a modular structure. Through Dec. 2 (525 W 24th St.). Call 212-627-6000. Visit or

Black & White Gallery: “Stefan à Wengen: Nightology.” This exhibition includes works that continue the Romantic tradition of reflecting on the world. Through Nov. 21 (636 W 28th St.). Call 212-244-3007 or visit

David Zwirner: “Dan Flavin: Series and Progressions.” This is the gallery’s first exhibition to feature the late American Minimalist artist since taking over the estate. Nov. 5 – Dec. 23 (525 W 19th St.). Call 212-727-2070 or visit:

Gagosian Gallery: “Richard Serra.” This exhibition features two monumental sculptures by the famous artist, Blind Spot (2002-03) and Open Ended (2007-08). Oct. 27 – Dec. 23 (522 W 21st St.). Call 212-741-1717 or visit

Gladstone Gallery: “Carroll Dunham.” This exhibition features graphic, semi-figurative paintings that are rich in cartoon-like references. Oct. 30 – Dec. 5 (515 W 24th St.). Call 212-206-9300 or visit

Elizabeth Harris Gallery: “David Ivie: Sculptures and Drawings.” 15 small-scale lead filled bronzes depict the subjects of murder, figurative damage and sexual narcissism. Through Nov. 14 (529 W 20th St.). Call 212-463-9666 or visit

Hasted Hunt Kraeutler: “Edward Burtynsky: Oil.” This exhibition features photographs that chronicle the production, distribution, and use of oil. Through Nov. 28 (537 W 24th St.). Call 212-627-0006. Visit or

James Cohan Gallery: “Bill Viola: Bodies of Light.” This exhibition presents works from two decades, including the artist’s famous multi-media installation Pneuma.  Through Dec. 19 (533 W 26th St.). Call 212-714-9500. Visit or

Leo Koenig Inc.: “Nicole Eisenman.” This artist creates paintings that remind of the Expressionist era. Oct. 30 – Dec. 23 (545 W 23rd St.). Call 212-334-9255 or visit

Lori Bookstein Fine Art: “Sharon Horvath: Parts of a World.” This exhibition features abstract paintings that allude to textile weaving. Through Nov. 25 (138 Tenth Ave., btw. 18th and 19th St.). Call 212-750-0949. Visit or

Margaret Thatcher Projects: “Bill Thompson: Shift.”  This exhibition features sculptures that range from curvilinear to flexed. Through Dec. 12 (539 W 23rd St.). Call 212-675-0222 or visit

Pavel Zoubok: “Barbara Sandler: Shooting Stars.” A series of eighteen oil paintings on paper reveal a rather romantic vision of portraiture. Through Nov. 14 (533 W 23rd St.). Call 212-675-7490 or visit

Peter Blum Gallery: “Rosy Keyser: The Moon Ate Me: New Paintings.” This artist’s paintings and sculptures are inspired by the mechanics of sonar. Through Nov. 14 (526 W 29th St.), Call 212-244-6055 or visit

Rubin Museum of Art: “The Red Book of C.G. Jung.” The first public presentation of what may be considered psychology’s most influential unpublished work. Through Jan. 25, 2010. “Victorious Ones.” This exhibition features paintings and sculptures that depict the Jinas. Through Feb. 15, 2010 (150 W 17th St., btw. 6th and 7th Ave.). Call 212-620-5000 or visit

Sikkema Jenkins & Co.: “William Cardova.” This exhibition features new works by the artist, who has worked in sculpture, drawing and installation. Oct. 24 – Nov. 28 (530 W 22nd St.). Call 212-929-2262 or visit

Tanya Bonakdar Gallery: “Mark Manders.” This exhibition features new works by the Dutch installation artist. Oct. 30 – Dec. 19 (521 W 21st St.). Call 212-414-4144. Visit or

303 Gallery: “Nick Mauss.” This artist employs drawing, painting, video, sculpture and installation, to create works that are both inviting and disconcerting. Oct. 23 – Dec. 5 (547 W 21st St.). Call 212-255-1121 or visit

Von Lintel Gallery: “Mark Sheinkman.” This exhibition features new abstract paintings, which employ graphite powder and oil paint. Through Nov. 14 (520 W 23rd St.). Call 212-242-0599. Visit: or

Yossi Milo Gallery: “Robert Bergman: A Kind of Rapture.” This exhibition features photographs that portray people, whom the artist met by chance. Nov. 5 – Jan. 9, 2010 (525 W 25th St.). Call 212-414-0370 or visit